We offer a comprehensive and growing range of in-house and open training courses. All our training meets the international regulations and our own internal quality accreditation standards. Our courses are written and researched by experts with hands-on experience through working in maintenance hangars, operating defense environments as well as dealing with regulatory authorities. Our course content is derived from active participation in civil and defense policy as well as regulation development, ongoing global research activities and real accident investigations.
Our courses and diagnostic tools are designed with an adaptive approach such that they are easily utilized by any member of your organization’s hierarchy. In addition, we also provide customized content for our clients! With our in-house courses, we operate as consultants to understand you, your organization and your specific needs. We will walk through your hangar, listen to your key people, see your operating environment and absorb your internal culture.This would be then reflected in the customized courses we deliver so that your people can better relate to and understand their training.

What Do We Help With?
✓ Regulation adoption and updates
✓ Provision and development of personalized skills
✓ Reduction in human error
✓ Development of workplace culture of safety
✓ Risk awareness and management