Aika provides its clients with efficient consultancy from aviation experts to help them better understand and evaluate matters relating to their company as well as the industry. Our services encompass military, civil as well as commercial aviation and national aviation authorities.
We provide consultancy on Safety Management Systems, striving to improve and evolve your company’s safety performance and inculcate a safety culture.
In addition, our consultants specialize in providing assistance on all financial matters relating to your aviation business, aiding you with risk identification and management as well as effective utilization of opportunities. We also provide consultation to banks on financing aviation firms searching for funds.
Our service is unique because it focuses on Global Human Resource Development (GHRD), providing not only consultancy but training on how to better equip your company’s human resources. It includes consultancy and guidance for executive management from system reviews to strategy development. We ensure you have a workforce that is competent and
efficient to operate and maintain an effective aviation system and meet international standards.

What Do We Help With?
✓ Regulatory system review and development
✓ Organizational development
✓ Confidential independent internal audit services
✓ Personnel employment
✓ OTAR implementation review
✓ Recovery from internationally imposed sanctions – FAA, EU
✓ Implementation of State Safety Management Systems
✓ Accident and Incident Investigations
✓ Improved executive efficiency
✓ Strategy development and augmentation
✓ Risk assessment and management
✓ Reduction in human error
✓ Regulation adoption and updates
✓ Promotion of safety culture