About Aika

Aika technology is a consultancy,auditing,training,capacity building and Certification Company.We provide consultancy to many aviation organizations.Our auditors conduct third party audits of aircrafts,airline,MROs,CAMOs and technical handling organizations.Our team of experts is helping organizations in capacity building and expansion of their organizations.We have the most experienced and the best experts to help organizations and individuals.We provide training all over the world to public and private organizations.We are committed to develop the best human resource for individuals.We provide training all over the world to public and private organizations.We are committed to develop the best human resources for industries to fulfill the requirement of National,Regional and International market.After the years of R & D we have developed collaborative and integrative research based training techniques which have achieved 96% success rate at national and international levels.Our teaching standard has attained a high rate of retention factor and the application success rate is more than 90%.

Aika Technology is providing services that optimize our client’s resources and enhance their capability.We provide four scale value propositions to our clients,harnessed from our seasoned experience with military and commercial aviation companies in the Middle East,South East Asia and other countries.We work with people to elevate resources,promote a safety culture,improve quality and build long-term business relationships instead of short-term economic gain.The company retains its human element and stays up-to-date with its focus on creativity,technical innovation and the Fourth Revolution.We aim to rejuvenate and evolve the industry and raise the standards of its contribution.

We are presenting our course in the form of short courses,Diploma courses as well as International Certification.Our professional development program is very cost effective; our registration program is for state regulatory authorities,commercial and military industries,academia,aviation organizations and Individuals.Students are encouraged to join the group of elite experts and contribute to make the skies safer

Aika Technology family promises to cultivate our client’s abilities to help them achieve their goals with high efficiency in the most economical manner.We pledge to optimize our stakeholder’s potential in doing better ad reduce cost by reasonable percentage.Hence we elevate not only the quality of the outcome but also the industries we work in and work with.

We work with the State and foreign regulatory authorities,manufacturing and rebuild industries,Regualar Public Transport,Chartered airlines,Continuing Airworthiness Management Organizations (CAMOs),Maintenance and Repair Organizations(MROs),Air force and other Aviation organizations.